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1. Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange


Pierce the curtain of reality into a world of the bizarre and the macabre: a midnight realm of the creaking footsteps on the stairs, of the pale visage in the dark, and of the tingling shivers down your spine…

Right Behind You is a collection of nine scary stories, for Young Adults and up. The tales range from such topics as aliens, to haunted hospitals, to ghost ships, to evil computers.

It’s available for purchase from Amazon, in paperback and for Kindle.

It’s also available on consignment at select locations; contact me for details.

From real Amazon reviews:

“Like a funhouse carnival ride, Right Behind You is a fun journey into the strange, unsettling, quirky and scary genre of the contemporary ghost story.”

“The short stories were fast-paced and all of them had a different perspective, I thought it was a cool way to write, and that’s why the book kept me beginning to end.”

“Right Behind You has many thrills in all varieties of suspenseful scariness, and the stories are the perfect length to leave you chilled without leaving you cold.”


2. Paranoia: More Dark Tales from the Mind of G.R. Wilson


The Devil and the Doctor:

Book One of the Malcolm Leeds Chronicles

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Malcolm Leeds lives a simple life in a small New Jersey Pine Barrens town. He’s had a couple adventures, he has a good job and time to hunt, and he may be falling in love. But that life is utterly upended by the nefarious designs of a doomsday cult that threatens to burn away all that he holds dear.

He instantly finds himself rushing headlong into a deadly quest of justice, revenge, and supernatural conflict, centered around the mysterious and dreaded little town known as Newbrooke, New York. Malcolm must move fast, shoot straight, and unleash his own latent abilities to overcome the Mad Doctor of Newbrooke’s monstrous plans before it’s too late. It’ll take all his skills and powers as the embodiment of a creature from ancient legend to overcome the horror of Newbrooke and get himself, his loved ones, and the world out alive.


I’m now in the planning stages of a sequel to The Devil and the Doctor, and a novella.  Subscribing to my newsletter, and following me on Facebook and Twitter, can keep you informed on when new stories and books will be released!

Edited by G.R. Wilson:

1. Hand Full of Horror by various authors


Hand Full of Horror  is an anthology I edited and contributed one story to. It features a wide range of scary stories by a wide range of authors, all of whom I’m grateful to!

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2. Just One More Time: A Love Story by Fawzia Begum

Just One More Time cover

This is an Indian romance novel I co-edited for Ms. Fawzia Begum through my services. You can learn more about it and its author here! 

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