I’m excited for the latest from A24 (producers of “The Witch” and “Ex Machina!”): “It Comes at Night”

23 May, 2017

Careful, doggo!

I hope everything’s going well with you all. Things are on the upswing for me. I’m getting ready to leave for Army training next month, I’m having fun with my friends and family, and I’m getting better at all my skills: writing, harmonica, languages, running, lifting. The improvement and the presence of exciting things on the horizon feel good, plus, the weather’s been beautiful, more often than not.


I was browsing YouTube recently and came across the trailer for the new horror movie It Comes At Night. I haven’t heard a ton of buzz about it, but from the trailer, it looks promising. The film looks to have the tense, psychological dread that I appreciate in movies like John Carpenter’s The Thing. In fact, from the trailer and the plot synopsis, It comes at Night looks and sounds quite Thing-like, but with its own twists. I wonder how gory it’ll be compared with Carpenter’s film.


The film is written and directed by Trey Edward Shults, and produced by A24. This’ll be Shults’ second movie with the independent studio, after Krisha. You may know A24 from other such Horror and Thriller films as Ex Machina and The Witch. The New York company, founded by Dan Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges, has been around since 2012, and have quickly established themselves as an especially creative, and prolific producer of diverse, quirky, and interesting movies such as Swiss Army Man, and The Lobster.


It Comes stars Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbot, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison Jr, and Riley Keough, with music by Brian McOmber, and cinematography by Drew Daniels. The movie made its debut at the Overlook Film Festival (at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon,) in April of this year, and will get its wider release on June 9th. Thus far, critics seem to like it.


I hope the trailer isn’t giving away too much. But, I get the sense that the story and the monster have enough squicky twists and turns and moral headaches to keep the film engaging. Like I said, it clearly draws influence from The Thing, and recalls for me Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Cabin Fever. (A funny title to mention on the same level as the other two!)


I’ll be out of town (ARMY!) when It Comes at Night hits theatres, but I’ll add it to my list for when I return.


What about you?

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