Joining the Army! My career news updates.

27 April, L.I. A.S.

I’m joining the Army!

The weather here in Rochester is beautiful today! I hope it’s equally pleasant wherever you live, get outside! It’s finally feeling like Spring!

I want to take a bit of time here to write about the direction I’m taking my life in. After spending some time of my young adulthood in college classes, in a related political internship, in a financial career, and all the while writing my own fiction and freelance articles, I’ve decided I want to pursue a career in marketing. The way I see it, marketing is an area where my skills in writing, and my budding interest in business, intersect elegantly. I admire the mass persuasive ability of a good marketing campaign, whether for a business, a charity, or a government, and I want to put my skills to use helping to build such campaigns for worthy causes.

To that end, I’m planning on going back to school this Fall to earn my M.B.A, concentrated in Marketing. The work sounds interesting, I’ll expand my technical skills, and career opportunities abound in the field, with great pay for marketing managers.

Grad school at a private college as I’ll be attending is, of course, expensive, so partly for that reason, I’ve joined the U.S. Army Reserve! I officially signed my contract and swore in one week ago, and am in the process of processing into my unit. Military benefits include great educational funding. In my case, I could be getting pretty much a full ride, as I’m reaching the tail end of the process of applying to R.O.T.C, specifically a Minuteman Scholarship. Fingers crossed, I’ll get full tuition for the two years of the M.B.A. program, a housing stipend, and get to serve in the Army Reserve for six years. I’m hyped at the entire prospect!

I’ve been accepted into the M.B.A. program. Now it’s a matter of seeing whether I get that scholarship.

Above and beyond the financial benefits, military service is something I’ve actively considered for the past couple years. I’ve admired military service for a long time: war, nasty as it is, truly is the “First Art” for a civilization, as preparedness and victory in it is what allows for the flourishing of commerce, science, and other civil arts within a secure perimeter. I’ve benefited from the U.S. military’s “perimeter” all my life, I’ll benefit from it even more once I start earning good money in my civilian career, I’ve relished military history for most of my life, and it’s high time I start contributing to American and global security myself.

Out of all the branches, it was a no-brainer for me to choose the Army: I have family history in it through my grandfathers, uncle, and great-uncle, my favorite historical U.S. officers are from the Army, it’s the senior and biggest branch, and I want to be in the ground forces.

As for what job I want to do within the Army once I commission as a 2nd Lieutenant upon earning my degree, my top choice is Civil Affairs.┬áThere’s a long and difficult track into that position, so I’ll have to do something else first. Right now, that’s slated to be Intelligence.

I’m hyped for all this. It’s shaping up to be a great year. Onward!!

-G.R. Wilson

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