Startin’ mah new jerb

4 August, L A.S. (2015)

And I get to look spiffy.



I recently got a new job, as I think I mentioned before. I’m quite hyped about it after a good first day. I have a lot of training to get through, but it’ll all be worth it, and I’ll have new knowledge I can use outside this job as well. I also get to wear sharp-lookin’ suits like the one pictured. (I’ll add some full body shots to this blog later.)

I can’t talk about the details of where I’m working yet. It’s something I didn’t expect to become my full-time career, but that I’m pleased to have found. I wish writing could pay the bills completely, but it can’t for me yet. This new job will work great for the foreseeable future. It uses my skills and talents, I get to work with smart people, and what I do benefits other people’s lives dramatically. 🙂

And, don’t worry, readers: I will still absolutely be writing new books. And The Devil and the Doctor is still coming this September.

G.R. Wilson

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