Movie Recommendation: “Clown” by Eli Roth

25 June, L A.S. (2015)

Movie Recommendation: Clown

clown poster

I recently watched a Horror movie called Clown, directed by Eli Roth. I liked it. It’s kinda ridiculous, and I laughed at some parts I don’t think I was supposed to laugh at, but, it was creepy, suspenseful, and entertaining.

First  I’ll tell you the premise of the movie, without giving spoilers. There is this kid who (weirdly) likes clowns a lot. For his seventh birthday party, his parents hire a clown for entertainment. But there’s a problem: the clown is somehow double-booked, so, the kid is going to be disappointed. But, then his loving father puts on a clown costume that he found in a mysterious chest in this random house’s basement. He surprises everyone at the party with his mad clown skills, and it’s a good time. His kid loves it, his wife (who is pregnant; that’s a little subplot,) loves it, and he feels proud of the good dadding. The problems start the next morning, when the dad realizes that he can’t take the suit, clown nose, or rainbow clown wig off no matter how hard he tries. His attempts end badly, and then even more badly. Bad times are had by all as the dad begins to transform and go mad due to the cursed nature of the clown suit, (which may not really be a clown suit after all,) and his wife tries to save him and protect their kid.

The scares come, at least for me, mostly from the squicky body horrors of the evil and transformative powers of the clown suit. Then you also have some jump scares, some suspense, scary imagery, disturbing moral choices. It’s all done well, if not with a ton of originality. I don’t think this movie breaks a ton of new ground, but, it treads old ground well, and in a new way.

The acting is all solid, with Any Powers, Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Laura Allen, Elizabeth Whitmere and Christian Distefano all giving solid performances. (Laura Allen, who plays the mom/wife, is gorgeous by the way, just saying.)

The music was effective for adding to the horror, though I didn’t find any tracks particularly memorable.

I really don’t want to give spoilers, but there’s some awesome monster design, sound, and special effects later in the movie. If I had a severe fear of clowns, this movie would have scared me a lot more I think. As it is, and as I am, it was all good creepy fun!

Here’s the trailer by the way, for those curious:

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