Remember when the “Jaws” theme was originally completely different?

5 June, L A.S. (2015)

This original Jaws theme is super different from what most of us know.

(Information courtesy of ClickHole!)


Sharks are pretty goddamn scary. They’re also beautiful, cool, and not particularly likely to kill you in most cases…but they are scary! Truly the stuff of many a nightmare, what with the silence, the speed, the size, and the super senses. (And, they’re a great topic for first-person-shooter, team-based video games!)

Sharks, especially Great Whites, gained a great deal of attention with Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic film, JawsI watched it with my dad when I was around twelve, and it very much scared and thrilled me. Who can forget that ba dum, ba-dum… theme music?

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of that movie, composer John Williams revealed that the song we all know and love wasn’t the original theme! The original theme, which you can listen to from the link above, was something completely different. (To put it mildly!) ClickHole has the rest of the information for ya, too.

Listen for yourself. Just listen. And imagine the movie with that song instead.

-G.R. Wilson

P.S. I’ve been hella sick with strep throat lately, so my writing has been slow lately. But, I’m on the upswing at last!!

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