Book recommendation: “Dark Visions: The Art of Corvis Nocturnum”

25 May, L A.S. (2015)

Book recommendation: Dark Visions: The Art of Corvis Nocturnum


Last week, I finished reading Corvis Nocturnum‘s art volume, Dark Visions. I enjoyed it thoroughly, am happy to have it in my collection, and I want to recommend it to my readers.

You may recognize the name Corvis Nocturnum as the pen name of E.R. Vernor, who runs the Dark Moon Press publishing company which is producing my upcoming novel. In addition to his pursuits in writing, publishing, and television, Mr. Vernor also paints many gothic, pagan, and fantasy works of art. You can view some of his paintings online at the gallery section of his website.

I think my first experience with this broad type of art was with the card art of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, which frequently depicted dark and gothic creatures, landscapes, warriors, and sorcerers. My appreciation for that type of art, both in paintings and in other media such as films, has grown over the years, and when I got a taste of Mr. Vernor’s art through Facebook, I knew I wanted to own the collection of images contained in this book.

The art is evocative, beautiful, and unflinching in its portrayal of dark and taboo topics. In addition to the art itself, this book contains a great deal of commentary from the artist, on individual pieces and on his overall development as a painter. I’m proud to have this book in my growing collection of artwork.


-G.R. Wilson

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