One of my earliest stories: “Why frogs croak at night”.

7 March, L. A.S.


A bit of introduction: I wrote this story back in third grade, when I was eight years old. It’s one of the earliest stories I ever wrote. I didn’t get back into creative writing until college, not sure why. Anyway, here it is: Why Frogs Croak at Night.

Long, long ago on the edge of a sweaty rainforest the animals were having a talent show. “ I’m super fast!”  bragged cheetah.  “ I should show my talent first!”  “That’s fine,” said lion who was running the talent show.  “Yippee!” shouted cheetah as he began to dart swiftly and quickly in between the tall trees and on to the savanna where he ran 3 laps around the perimeter faster than any of the other animals ever could.   


   The animals cheered when cheetah leaped back into the rainforest.  “Terrific!” lion said to cheetah.  “I want to go next,” hissed python.  “Okay. Go on ahead,” said Lion.  “Thankssss,” was what Python said as he slithered up to the tree.  Crunch!  Crunch!  Went the leaves under the colossal snake’s belly as he slowly made his way to the tallest tree he could find.

   Python began to get up into the place where the trees were thickest.  “Try to find me!” said Python.  “This will be too easy!” laughed Lion.  “I saw right where you went!” Lion climbed up to the place where he thought Python was and found… absolutely nothing!  “Look over here!” hissed Python.  Lion looked in a tree about 10 feet away from him and there was Python!

   “Wow!” said Lion, amazed.  “You’re great at travelling through trees!”

“Thankssss.” Hissed Python as he slithered back down the leafy tree he was in.


     Everyone cheered.  But, there was one animal that wasn’t watching.  He was Frog and he was sad he didn’t have a talent for the show.  Everyone else did.



      Just then there was a rustle in the bushes and monkey jumped out of the bushes.  “Hey Frog come over here!” shouted monkey.  Frog hopped over.  Boing-Boing.

      “Why aren’t you watching the talent show with everybody else?”

asked Monkey.  “Because I don’t have a talent and you need one to come to the show.” Said Frog sadly.

      “Oh so that’s why,” said Monkey.  “I’ll teach you a song so then your talent can be singing.”  “Thanks Monkey!”

        So, Monkey taught Frog a song and soon Frog had perfected it.  “I’ll tell everyone to come to your concert right outside your house in the swamp,” said Monkey.  “O.K.?”  “Great!” said Frog and he leapt back to his house.


 Frog practiced the song Monkey had taught him for a long time, but kept it a secret until the night when he would sing it.



Soon it was time for Frog to sing his song.  Everyone gathered in the swamp.  Some fireflies shone their lights upon Frog so everyone could see him in the growing darkness.


Then everything was silent.  Frog was just about to sing when he got really scared.  When he practiced he didn’t have to do it in front of a huge crowd.  All that came out of his mouth was a little “croak!”


So, now every night Frog remembers that night and croaks!  







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