More free books for honest reviewers!

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Do you like free books?

Books dripping with gruesome tales of the undead, the monstrous, and the mysterious?

Books sure to entice, shock, and perhaps even disturb?

I, G.R. Wilson, have a couple of those books ready for you today!

But you don’t have to take my word for it regarding their quality!

Write to me at, subject line: “Books”, and receive one of three copies of either Right Behind You or Paranoia! All I ask is for an honest review of your thoughts on the book, on Amazon, when you’re done with it. I’ll sign your copy, of course, and send you an email when your copy has been shipped.

Plus, anyone can receive a free copy of my ebook Hand Full of Horror, available only through this website!

Best wishes,

-G.R. Wilson

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