The book signing went great! Here are some free books and scary Youtube videos!

13 February, L A.S.

Thanks for your support on Saturday! 

I had a great time as usual at Simply New York when I held a book signing there on Saturday the 7th. I sold and signed copies of both my published print books, met fans, and handed out juju hearts. Because those are good.

I just wanted to remind you all that I still have three free reviewer copies of my newest book, Paranoia, left. Shoot me an email at, and one of them can be yours, so long as you are willing to leave an honest review on And I’ll sign your copy, of course! (And, if you haven’t yet, signing up for my newsletter will get you a free copy of my anthology ebook Hand Full of Horror, featuring the work of many other authors!


Furthermore, I wanted to scare some spooky short videos from Youtube with you! I don’t think they need any further explanation, except that they’re creepy as all hell, and a bit fun. The last one especially. 🙂

Sweet dreams!

 (Look at the Youtube comments for the Many Doors one above. I didn’t get it at first. Gotta review my demonology!)

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