See the cover of my new book, “Paranoia”!


Paranoia Cover

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Two blog posts in one day: a new record! I have very exciting news to share with you all.

My next book, titled Paranoia: More Dark Tales from the Mind of G.R. Wilson will be coming out on October 1st! It’s another Horror anthology, even bigger and better than Right Behind You.

Prepare yourself for a second helping of eerie, creepy, and terrifying stories from G.R. Wilson, author of Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange!


The pages of Paranoia: More Dark Tales are filled to the brim with such horrors as:

  • Vengeful undead royalty, with a real bone to pick.
  • A scarecrow who takes his job just a bit too seriously.
  • Crawling and buzzing beasts pulled straight from your nightmares.
  • An eccentric Scottish nobleman, ready for a howling good time.
  • Beasts and spirits of American folklore, fresh for modern readers.
  • And much more…


Whether you prefer Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, campfire, or any other category of scary story you can think of, you’ll find plenty to enjoy (and keep you up late!) in Paranoia

The cover was done by the excellent designer, pixelstudio, of I wanted to go all-out, and have something vibrant and eye-catching, both for its colors and for its subject matter. I’m extremely pleased with the result!

For the title, I messed around with a variation on “Right behind you” (“right in front of you”?) for a long time, and I wanted something quick and simple, but evocative of Horror. I began simply thinking of words, and, “Paranoia” just came to me. The idea of the cover imagery flowed from that title, too. And, with the full title, I wanted to make it clear this was another anthology.

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And, because I’m on such a roll with blogging today, I have one more announcement:

If you’d like an advance copy of Paranoia, in exchange for giving the book an honest review on Amazon once it’s available there, please email me at I’m only doing five advance review copies, so be quick!


-G.R. Wilson

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