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Good afternoon everybody, G.R. Wilson here! This post goes outside of my usual genre, but I still wanted to share it with you all.

Stephen King said that “To write is human, to edit is divine.”

While I won’t claim to be an angel, I do of course recognize the importance of careful editing, and, I have edited published work outside of my own.

Allow me to introduce the multi-talented Ms. Fawzia Begum, author of Just One More time: A Love Story, a book that I co-edited. Here is the official description of her book:

At sixty-two, chairman and CEO and the founder of a successful software firm, Vijay Verma is a handsome, elegant, and physically fit gentleman. Seemingly having no time for poetry or sappy romance, he chose to dedicate his daily life to the perfection of his work, and to the success of his business. But the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Radha, devastated his world to its core. He’s faced a brutal period in his life, as a grieving widower and single father of two children.

Now, ten years later, Vijay has rejoined the dance of love, and has found joy, as well as fear, in the form of the beautiful and professional Madhuri Banerjee. This woman, vibrant, intelligent, and modern, (and thirty years Vijay’s junior,) puts her suitor on edge:

Will he be able to handle raising the new children that Madhuri desires?

How can he justly measure the value of this new lover compared to his old one?

Is he even ready to love again?

As he looks up at the wondrous stars in the sky, and sips his wine, Vijay does his best to ward off the conflicting thoughts and worries that intrude from a dark corner of his mind.  He nearly lost Madhuri recently, to her own ex-lover, and to death. But tonight is Vijay’s night, their night, and he has big plans for this special evening.

You can look inside the first couple chapters of Just One More Time here, and read its reviews here. 

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And here is Ms. Begum’s author biography:


Fawzia Begum enjoys reading and writing about love, technology, travel and music amongst her many interests. She is also a voracious reader of spirituality and personal development. Her literary strength emanates from a rich cultural and political upbringing in her home country. From her early childhood she looked at life through a myriad prism – always questioning and never accepting anything on face value in a culture shroud in dogmas. She carried that strength of conviction and innateness when she moved to the US.

Fawzia is an accomplished musician in her own right, mainly playing instruments such as Keyboard and Mandolin. She has published articles in community magazines and newspapers some involved interviewing High-tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, California. She has a B.S. Degree in Geology and a Certification in Technical Writing. Her short novel, ‘Just One More Time’ is her debut into the world of fiction writing. She works as an IT Technical Writer and lives in Orange County, California.


I asked Fawzia what inspires her, and this is what she said:

I’ve always believed that everyone deserves a second chance in life, especially in love. And that, no one deserves to be alone. I grew up in a culture where second marriage for a widower was not a common place, and still isn’t. Even though rarely a middle-aged man with grown children may remarry, for an Indian widow of any age, it would be unthinkable to get married to another man. Indian films hardly contain stories of unusual love like this story of mine. So I thought I write one and see if I can get someone to be interested. The protagonist, a long-time widower with two children deserved to find love again. He lost his beloved wife but he remained with the living and had every right to enjoy happiness. However, in the process I’ve realized that I’ve created the man of my dreams. Not necessarily someone with grown children, etc., but someone just like this. More I delved deep into the story, I became both characters –the hero and the heroine. Although this can’t be my story, I wish for my younger girlfriends such beautiful love. I really hope that someone in India will convert this to a movie and that it would give hopes to those who have been forced by the society to live without a loving partner.


Fawzia has a special offer right now: send her an email, and she can send you one of 5 free copies, so long as you give an honest book review on Amazon!

I had a great time editing her book, I wish her continued success in her endeavors, and I encourage those curious to check out Just One More Time. It’s not the kind of book I would’ve picked up on my own, but I ended up enjoying the story and descriptions as I read it.

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-G.R. Wilson

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