Fire up “The Nightmare Engine”! (And, my new book has a title!)

(Heads up: NSFW pictures in some links.)


G.R. Wilson here!


Exciting news: my short scary story The Tale of Patchy Jack is featured in Issue 7 of Michael K. Silva’s Horror fiction magazine, The Nightmare Engine, on sale now! The other stories come from Rick Powell, M.R. Stover, and Michael K. Silva himself.

Mr. Silva is a talented visual artist and writer: he writes mostly sword-and-spell Fantasy, and he draws lots of great naked devil ladies. Good wholesome stuff! Here’s his website, check out the gallery! You can also connect with The Nightmare Engine on Facebook here.


I have other exciting news I’m dying to share with you guys…everything is coming together for my sequel to Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange. Trust me, lots more free content and great news is on the way this month and into the Fall leading up to the new book’s release…by the way, I have a title now:

Paranoia: More Dark Tales From the Mind of G.R. Wilson. It’s going to be a bigger and better Horror anthology than Right Behind You; I’ve been working on it all Spring and Summer, and I have a professionally-designed cover on the way!

In case you didn’t see it in the newsletter yet, here is a story which will be included in Paranoia. I call it The Full Moon’s Hunt. Sign up for the newsletter today, and get more free stories, recommendations, and special offers!

Anyway, have a fun weekend, and check out The Nightmare Engine! (It’s only $5!)

I greatly appreciate Michael K. Silva including me in it.

Until next time,

-G.R. Wilson





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