Shout-out to MadScientist!

G.R. Wilson here!

A few days ago, I thanked and recommended the logo-designer Zara Walker, who designed the banner for my site. You can read that post here.

Today, I want to talk about another talented individual who’s given me great work.

He’s another Fiverr seller, and he goes by the username madscientist. You can check out his amazing art gigs here!

If you’ve seen my excerpts page, or read my story The Tale of Patchy Jack through my newsletter, you’ve seen madscientist’s art:

Patchy Jack the scarecrow

Patchy Jack the scarecrow

Mr. Toothy the clown

Mr. Toothy the clown

The wereskunk

The wereskunk

The witch's ghost

The witch’s ghost

Dr. Benedict Holt, from "The Night in Newbrooke Infirmary"

Dr. Benedict Holt, from “The Night in Newbrooke Infirmary”

You’ll find all of the above horrors, with the exception of Patchy Jack, in my book Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange.

This guy is a professional, and creates professional art. He can make art for you in a variety of styles, of any creature or character you describe. I’m happy every time I see a new product from him, based on the monsters in my stories! I have big plans to work with him further in using these and future art pieces for bigger and better things…

Anyway, madscientist is friendly and easy to work with, and I think his art speaks for itself!

madscientist Fiverr avatar

MadScientist’s Fiverr avatar

Best wishes,

-G.R. Wilson

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