New logo, new journey! What’s next for me.

Overarching concept: I refuse to settle for average results.

I’m writing this blog post to get into words, posted to the world, (especially for once I build my audience and more people actually see this) that I’m committing to my #1 goal of building a 6-figure digital marketing business by the end of 2019. I’m also going to blog and make audio and video content on a wider range of topics, such as my fitness regimen, and my military training.

I’ve decided to keep the domain name authorgrwilson for now, as I want to broaden the term “author” for myself to include me being the “Author” of my own life. To first visualize in the mind and plan on paper, then to create through real-world action, the experiences, objects, and places I want. This won’t be easy, but it 1000% beats fuck out of the alternative. (See my comments about “settling” below.)

I want to inspire and teach others who are also out there kicking ass and taking names in their own quests for their own dreams, whatever stage they’re at. I want us to connect, share progress, and learn from each other’s mistakes.

I made a new logo for my marketing business, which will be my new primary means of generating income. Read more about that a couple more headings below.

[For those who don’t know me yet: my name is Geoff Wilson, I have three Horror books and a few other writing credits under the name “G.R. Wilson,” and I’m graduating in May with my MBA, plus commissioning as a U.S. Army Military Police Officer through ROTC. My other interests include but are not limited to craft beer, board games, harmonica, photography, and fitness.]

Settling is lame.

Hey guys and gals. I’ll get straight to the point: I’m not satisfied with average. Average is lame. Average means settling for less than my dreams. Average means being fat. Average means professional mediocrity. Average means a 9-5 job, 2 weeks of vacation a year that you have to ask permission to even get, a wife you settle for and maybe like for a while, an OK car, and maybe a retirement on a barely livable income at age 65. (More like 70 nowadays.) No. I’m not doing that.

I’m here on this planet for this one life to make a lot of money, go on a lot of adventures, have amazing friendships, be amazing at real skills, and live the life I want my own terms.

So: I’m getting into marketing.

My MBA is concentrated in marketing. And I don’t feel like waiting until I graduate, beg for an entry level job, and climb the corporate ladder to maybe start making a 6-figure salary.

I’m launching my marketing business now. I started a couple months ago with a couple free trials, and now I’m following inspiration from Gary V, Douglas James, Tony Robbins, and my own dissatisfaction with my current life to double down and fucking GO for it.

I’m going to use my digital marketing, networking, and sales skills to bring local business owners and professionals (lawyers, realtors etc) greater success by getting them warm connections to their favorite types of clients. As I’ll be posting about increasingly here, I have a solid repertoire of skills as far as copywriting, web design, SEO, phone and face-to-face sales, and digital advertising, to solve problems (e.g. “not enough clients”) for local business owners and earn a great living at it.

What’s the deal with the goat logo?

I made it myself today, February 26th, 2019. Every company needs a logo, for easy brand recognition and for legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients.

I decided that being a service-provider that heavily depends on personal interaction and trust with a company’s image, that using my own name for the company made sense. As I build my good reputation, the platform, recognition, and prestige of myself and my company will grow together.

I didn’t think there was any need to get more complicated than “Marketing.”

The goat represents vitality and fertility, in the sense of business growth: to increasingly serve more people more effectively, and by solving those people’s problems, to bring more revenue and more profit. The goat jumps towards the upper-right, like a market tracking chart.

The interconnected nodes & spokes wheel behind the goat represent the connections I help business-owners to form with their clients.

The color gold represents wealth and prosperity. The color black represents the power and aggressive productivity of myself and my team, put to work to build the wealth and prosperity of my clients.

In closing for today,

Expect to see a higher quantity and quality of content from me, especially related to my marketing business. I’ll also post more about my other interests, and more creative writing. You can find me on Instagram at @geoffygeofferson, on Twitter at @RocGeoffWilson, and on Facebook at @GeoffWilsonMarketing

I made a YouTube channel here, with nothing on it yet. That will soon change.

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