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My “Avatard” by the talented, yet horrible, Josh Latta!

29 July 2018,

Good afternoon Readers,

I’m back from Atropia, aka Fort Knox. More on that whole adventure soon!

First I want to thank cartoonist, social media expert, edgelord, degenerate, Photoshop master, and all-around great guy Josh Latta for the awesome cartoon avatar he created of me while I was away doing Army things.


I love it! It’ll work great for my author-related website and social media, as well as book jacket art.

If you want a custom avatar for yourself, check out Josh’s site here. If you want to see more of his darkly, bizzarely, charmingly hilarious cartoons, follow him here on Facebook and buy his book, That’s a Horrible Thing to say, Josh Latta!

Thanks again Mr. Latta, keep it up!