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Startin’ mah new jerb

4 August, L A.S. (2015)

And I get to look spiffy.



I recently got a new job, as I think I mentioned before. I’m quite hyped about it after a good first day. I have a lot of training to get through, but it’ll all be worth it, and I’ll have new knowledge I can use outside this job as well. I also get to wear sharp-lookin’ suits like the one pictured. (I’ll add some full body shots to this blog later.)

I can’t talk about the details of where I’m working yet. It’s something I didn’t expect to become my full-time career, but that I’m pleased to have found. I wish writing could pay the bills completely, but it can’t for me yet. This new job will work great for the foreseeable future. It uses my skills and talents, I get to work with smart people, and what I do benefits other people’s lives dramatically. 🙂

And, don’t worry, readers: I will still absolutely be writing new books. And The Devil and the Doctor is still coming this September.

G.R. Wilson

Listen to my story “The Full Moon’s Hunt,” featured on the “Satanic Story Time” podcast!

1 August, L A.S. (2015)

Listen to the Satanic Players Society’s performance of The Full Moon’s Hunt!


Thursday night, a night of the full moon, I sat down with show host Aaraon Mantle to record an opening conversation to Episode 28 of Satanic Story Time. This was my first time appearing on a podcast, and with a bit of nervous energy, I think it went well!

As a history geek, and lover of cool ideas and technology from the past, I’m happy that radio dramas and comedies have made a comeback with the rise of podcasts. People too young to remember the original airings are rediscovering 50+ year old shows, and all types of creative writers and performers are creating new audio-only content, streamed online.  It’s fun and interesting to me that we went from radio, to television, to the Internet, and then that Internet brought back the popularity of “radio” entertainment! Aaron Mantle’s show is a great example of the past decade or so’s podcast trend.

Satanic Story Time, as the website’s “About” section says, “is a podcast which covers a wide variety of short story horror classics with a satanic slant.” It features performances from the talented Satanic Players Society, classic radio stories such as those from Inner Sanctum Mystery, thematic music, and conversations with authors and actors.

I had the honor of the Satanic Players Society performing my werewolf story, The Full Moon’s Hunt. The tale begins on a lonely night in Victorian London, as a young occult author follows an invitation delivered by a mysterious and beautiful Scottish woman. Our protagonist immediately travels to the Scottish Highlands for a meeting with a wealthy publisher, who is  a man with a passion both for sport, and revenge…and, oh yeah, it’s a full moon that night! 😉

I hope you enjoy the show: this episode in particular, and then all the other great episodes that Mr. Aaron Mantle has produced and will produce! Who knows, a future SPS performance just might include a little voice acting from me. 😉

HS, (Happy Saturday,)

-G.R. Wilson

P.S. – You can purchase my horror anthology, which includes The Full Moon’s Hunt, via Amazon here, for paperback and Kindle. Thank you!