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Mega64 finds the World’s Greatest Vampire Hunter!

26 June, L A.S. (2015)


I recently watched this spooky and silly video and wanted to share it. It’s made by Mega64, a video game-based comedy troupe who often take their antics into the real world. (And did so long before public “reaction videos” and “social experiments” became all the rage.)

I find them relevant to this blog, because several of their skits have been based on Horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. This one in particular is based on the Castlevania series. You’ll of course appreciate it that much more if you’re familiar with the franchise.

Anyway, enjoy! I find that combinations of the cheesy-scary and the funny can be especially hilarious. 🙂

-G.R. Wilson

Something good and not scary: the supreme court’s gay marriage ruling!

26 June, L A.S. (2015)

Gay marriage now legal in all 50 American states!



Click picture for news article link.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a political person. But I tend to keep politics off this blog, because I don’t want that to be a distraction from its main purposes. However, I’m quite happy that gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states here in the U.S. Yay. It’s been too long. It’s been amazing for me to see in my lifetime how quickly public opinion has shifted on this issue. The change over the past ten years has been immense, and it’s almost hard to believe that gay marriage was already legal in thirty-seven states before this ruling. Good job, America. 🙂

Movie Recommendation: “Clown” by Eli Roth

25 June, L A.S. (2015)

Movie Recommendation: Clown

clown poster

I recently watched a Horror movie called Clown, directed by Eli Roth. I liked it. It’s kinda ridiculous, and I laughed at some parts I don’t think I was supposed to laugh at, but, it was creepy, suspenseful, and entertaining.

First  I’ll tell you the premise of the movie, without giving spoilers. There is this kid who (weirdly) likes clowns a lot. For his seventh birthday party, his parents hire a clown for entertainment. But there’s a problem: the clown is somehow double-booked, so, the kid is going to be disappointed. But, then his loving father puts on a clown costume that he found in a mysterious chest in this random house’s basement. He surprises everyone at the party with his mad clown skills, and it’s a good time. His kid loves it, his wife (who is pregnant; that’s a little subplot,) loves it, and he feels proud of the good dadding. The problems start the next morning, when the dad realizes that he can’t take the suit, clown nose, or rainbow clown wig off no matter how hard he tries. His attempts end badly, and then even more badly. Bad times are had by all as the dad begins to transform and go mad due to the cursed nature of the clown suit, (which may not really be a clown suit after all,) and his wife tries to save him and protect their kid.

The scares come, at least for me, mostly from the squicky body horrors of the evil and transformative powers of the clown suit. Then you also have some jump scares, some suspense, scary imagery, disturbing moral choices. It’s all done well, if not with a ton of originality. I don’t think this movie breaks a ton of new ground, but, it treads old ground well, and in a new way.

The acting is all solid, with Any Powers, Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Laura Allen, Elizabeth Whitmere and Christian Distefano all giving solid performances. (Laura Allen, who plays the mom/wife, is gorgeous by the way, just saying.)

The music was effective for adding to the horror, though I didn’t find any tracks particularly memorable.

I really don’t want to give spoilers, but there’s some awesome monster design, sound, and special effects later in the movie. If I had a severe fear of clowns, this movie would have scared me a lot more I think. As it is, and as I am, it was all good creepy fun!

Here’s the trailer by the way, for those curious:

My reaction to Dan Carlin’s WWI podcast, “Blueprint for Armageddon”

22 June, 2015

If you like history, even just on a casual level and don’t consider yourself a “buff,” listen to this podcast!


Today, I finished listening to the final and sixth part of Blueprint for ArmageddonIt’s radio host Dan Carlin’s history of the First World War. Mr. Carlin based his telling of the story on a long list of books he read and quotes extensively throughout the many hours of the series. He makes the history engaging, to put it mildly. Listening to Blueprint for Armageddon, you get a strong sense of the on-the-ground human side of this story, as well as the big picture view. You learn about the unbelievable hell that WWI soldier went through, the historical forces behind the start and end of the war, the lasting impacts of the war, and a great amount of context and commentary from leaders, journalists, and soldiers of the time.

Seriously, even if you have just a passing interest in history, (and full disclaimer I LOVE history,) you won’t be able to stop listening to these once you’ve started.

I’ve found the First World War interesting ever since I purchased the strategic war game Paths of Glory several years ago. Like many other historical games I’ve played, spurred my learning about the war, which at the time I knew little about compared to World War II.

What I’ve learned in the years since then is that the First World War is the most important human event of the 20th century. In many regards, we can think of the Great War as when the 20th century really began: people’s attitudes, military technology, art, and politics did not suddenly enter a different era when the calendar flipped from 1899 to 1900. But the world in 1918, compared to 1914, was an essentially changed place, and was changed in ways that shaped the events of the rest of the 20th century. How? Let me count the ways, and keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list:

  • The Ottoman Empire, (the closest thing there had been to a united Islamic Caliphate since Medieval times,) which conquered the Eastern Roman Empire in 1453, collapsed. The victorious Allies divided its large Middle Eastern territory into many of the countries we know today, such as Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. OK, Israel wouldn’t exist for another few decades after the end of the war, but it’s formation was tremendously helped along by the British/Arab defeat of the Ottomans in Palestine, as well as another big political event of the war:
  • The 1917 Balfour Declaration (named for its author, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour,) promised the Jews of the world a national home in the territory called Palestine. Although this didn’t directly lead the British to create Israel, and it would take until 1948 for the Jewish state to exist, the Balfour Declaration was an enormous political victory for Zionists, and dramatically increased Jewish immigration into Palestine, as well as Jewish enthusiasm for the formation of a national identity. The Declaration also antagonized Britain’s Arab allies, who were also given promises of national independence in Palestine in exchange for joining with the British in fighting the Turks. (Awkward…) If you don’t understand why this is important, you need to read more about the recent history of the Middle East.
  • The Austro-Hungarian Empire, ruled by that good old Holy Roman Empire-era dynasty the Habsburgs, collapsed due to Allied military victories as well as internal dissent. The monarchy ended, and the newly independent states of Czhecoslovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Yugoslavia all began. As with the Ottomans, the collapse of a long-standing  dynasty ruling over a multi-ethnic empire led to rising national identity, pride, and strife.
  • The young German Empire, (formed in 1871 by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck’s brilliant unification of the many German states,) ended, lost parts of its territory to its neighbors, went from monarchy to republic, and was forced to disarm itself and pay punitive reparations to the victorious Allies. Prior to the Great War, Germany was the world’s premier rising power, boasting the greatest industrial capacity and army, as well as an enviable culture of scientific, artistic, and philosophical achievement. Germany, at that time ruled by a Kaiser of the House Hohenzollern, went in less than five years from being the world’s greatest land power (with an increasingly powerful navy and expanding colonial ambitions) to being a humiliated and defanged third-rate power. Germany was destabilized by economic deprivation and political radicalism from both the Left and the Right, and ultimately was taken over the Nazis, who started WWII largely as a response to the first war.
  •  The Russian Empire’s Romanov Dynasty, which had ruled that multi-ethnic empire since 1613, collapsed due to the destabilization brought on by the war (massive casualties with few victories, food shortages, disruption of rural life,) and was replaced with the world’s first communist country, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Actually, the German military dictator Ludendorf smuggled Russian communist radical Vladimir Lenin into Russia with the express purpose of hoping he would ignite a workers’ revolution there that would knock Russia out of the war. (Yes, a large conspiracy that actually happened!) This unleashed the ideological power of communism, which spread and attempted (and many times succeeded) to overthrow governments and transform societies all over the world. The Soviet Union became a great power a couple decades after the war, and vied for power against the United States, the other great power to emerge in 1918.
  • The United States, which had for most of its life followed (with a few exceptions) a policy of non-intervention in “Old World” affairs, entered the arena of international relations with great force. It sent a large army to fight in Europe for the first time in American history, and American President Woodrow Wilson acted heavily in the negotiations to end the war. Things ultimately didn’t go Wilson’s  way in terms of the treatment of Germany and the influence of his proudest creation, the postwar League of Nations, (the predecessor the United Nations,) but the US was from then would be much more likely to intervene in world affairs.

These are far, far from all the impacts of the First World War. I’ve touched on only the broadest political changes, without getting into the details of those or the details of how military technology and tactics evolved from 1914 to 1918. But even the changes I have listed here essentially set the world up for another war, and for continued strife in the Balkans, Middle East, and everywhere touched by the proxy wars between the United States and the Soviet Union. A period of European peace, progress, and stability came to a cataclysmic end in 1914. The world has never been the same since.

OK, actually, I can’t resist, I’ll talk about some of the tactical military changes too. At the beginning of the war in 1914, European armies were not much different from how they had been in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871, which was not that much different from how they’d been in Napoleon’s time. Most armies did not equip their troops with helmets. Many countries’ uniforms (the French most notoriously) were still bright colors rather than camouflaged. Troops marched and attacked in tight, company-sized formations. The “fire and move” leapfrogging tactics that are second nature to any contemporary infantry tactician were non-existent in 1914. Cavalry units were still maintained on a large scale, troopers equipped with sabers and prepared to charge and exploit break-throughs. But artillery had grown massively in size and rate of fire since Napoleon’s time, and machine guns had fully matured into incredibly deadly weapons. Open maneuver warfare was so costly in men to be unsustainable in the tight geography of the Western Front, so the trench warfare that the war is so infamous for was near-inevitable. Both sides had and used aircraft, but usually just for reconnaissance. Early in the war, when planes of opposite sides got close to each other their pilots would sometimes shoot at each other with pistols because the planes had no fixed armament.

By the end of the war, “infiltration/stormtrooper tactics” (basically contemporary infantry tactics) were in full use, aircraft were produced in large quantities for specialized roles which now included strategic bombing and air superiority, poison gas had revealed its horrible potency, tanks were being used in concert with infantry, aircraft, and artillery to break the enemy line, cavalry was confirmed as obsolete except in increasingly rare cases in certain environments, submarines had shown their potential to starve a nation into submission, and a human object (an artillery shell fired by a 100 foot barreled German gun in 1918) became the first to enter the stratosphere.

Seriously, just listen to that podcast. I’m gonna go listen to the other Hardcore History series now.

-G.R. WIlson

My audio performance of “Memory” by H.P. Lovecraft

17 June, L A.S. (2015)

He kinda looks like Michael Phelps.

He kinda looks like Michael Phelps.

G.R. Wilson performs a reading of Memory by H.P. Lovecraft

I’m in the midst of reading the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. He’s an amazing writer, and people smarter than me have written great explanations of how much he’s influenced modern horror and science fiction. You can see his mark (e.g. the insignificance of mankind in the grand scheme of the universe, cult worshipers of ancient alien gods, creepy and isolated New England towns, tentacular oceanic beasts with unpronounceable names, madness at the sight of incomprehensible horrors,)  all over movies, books, games, television, and Internet pop culture.

I’ve wanted for a while now to start performing readings of horror fiction for my blog. I don’t have a good excuse for why I waited so long, since I’ve had a high quality audio-technica microphone since last year.

But, better late than never! Here is my performance of H.P. Lovecrafts prose-poem, Memory, estimated to have been written in 1919. It’s one of his shorter pieces, (only a page long in the edition I have,) so I thought it a good place to start. The man had great literary style, (so much so that we have an entire sub-genre of Horror called “Lovecraftian!”) and I want to honor it in whatever small way I can. I will certainly record more Lovecraft stories in the future, and hopefully my narration skills will improve a bit! (Though, if I may say so, I don’t think this is too awful of a start.)

Also, since last summer I’ve gotten in the habit of memorizing poems and speeches that strike my fancy, so I may perform some of those and upload them to my blog. If, by Rudyard Kipling, is a personal favorite of mine.

Until next time,

-G.R. Wilson

Mr. CreepyPasta performs my haunted scarecrow story.

11 June, L A.S. (2015)

Mr. CreepyPasta performing my story Patchy Jack

Popular YouTube voice actor Mr. CreepyPasta has uploaded another performance of one of my stories, this one titled Patchy Jack, about a haunted scarecrow. The story is included in my second Horror anthology, Paranoia: More Dark Tales from the Mind of G.R. Wilson, available for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

Mr. CreepyPasta has previously produced audio tellings of my tales, including Mr. Toothy, The Angel in the Devil’s Den, and The Golden Arm. He produced an awesome audiobook version of my first anthology, Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange, and has one for Paranoia in the works, set to be available by the end of this month!

Feel free to sign up for my newsletter to get updated when the new audiobook comes out! You get a free anthology ebook when you sign up, too.


Have a great day,

-G.R. Wilson

The opening scene of “The Devil and the Doctor”

9 June, L A.S. (2015)

I’m proud to offer a preview of my novel for you today.

As previously announced, my first novel is set to be released this September. It’s called The Devil and the Doctor, and it’s the first in a series of books called The Malcolm Leeds Chronicles. It’s a supernatural thriller about a good-hearted and diabolic man named Malcolm hunting down and stopping an evil cult before they can resurrect their revered leader and take over the world. I hope that this opening scene you’re about to read does a good job of introducing Malcolm’s personal stake in the conflict which unfolds. Enjoy!

(Note: with the way WordPress formats quotations, it may be a bit confusing at times to tell when a line is Malcolm’s internal thoughts. It will be clear in the actual book’s formatting. I hope you can tell from the context here.)

I was walking through the woods to my friend’s house when I heard the first gunshot. It had been a still night in the Pine Barrens, with the Autumn air lying cool and calm. Above my head, millions of stars punctured the canopy of needles, and twinkled gently. My feet stepped quietly, as usual, for I’m quiet even when wearing boots. I kept my flashlight off, hanging gently by its strap around my wrist: it was only for appearances, I need no help in night vision. But, the echoing sound of a shotgun blast interrupted the peace.

My head snapped up to full-attention, and on instinct, I snatched my Glock 43 from the inside pocket of my lucky leather jacket. One of my smaller guns, good to carry for random emergencies like these. I strained my ears, struggling to pinpoint the source of the noise that had already begun to fade away as the pines swallowed it up.

Then I heard to my front, loud and clear, the sound of a woman screaming in abject terror. Another shot roared as if in angry response.

Fear gripped my chest, not so much for myself, as for the people I knew to be in danger. I began to run down the trail, towards whoever or whatever threatened my dear lady friend and her children. No use checking my cell phone for service: I had a cheap phone, and no one got any signal this far out of town. I switched off my weapon’s safety.

The screaming had become a continuous wail mixed with sobbing, which became clearer as I neared the isolated home. Around a bend in the trail, I could see the glow of electric lights, and then moments later through the backyard foliage I could see Elleena’s one-story, mid-century house, squatting alone in the darkness.

I felt my pulse quicken more than I liked. No use running out gun blazing and getting myself killed. I’d be of no help to Elleena or her kids. Other lives were at stake besides my own, it was best to remain in control. I breathed in…then out…and then crouched low to size up the scene.

I had entered Elleena’s property through a shortcut rather than the main road, so from my vantage point, I saw the back of her house, and the front-section of what looked to be a big black van. Engine running, headlights off. I heard banging and crashing from inside the house.

“Please, please take me instead, no, leave them alone!”

Elleena, so small and so sweet, wailed desperately, her words barely discernible.

“I’m not gonna say it again, shut your traitorous whore mouth, infidel!” The harsh voice of a woman barked back at Elleena from inside.

Suddenly, the back door slammed open, and out came a mammoth of a man, carrying Elleena’s twin kids, Kenton and Katherine. The kids, eight years old, were crying, and I got a glimpse of the shininess on their faces. The man wore all-white: a long white coat, white boots, and most strangely of all, a white mask, which covered his whole face and looked to be made of plastic or maybe wood. Some sort of marking was on the forehead, but I was too far away to make it out.

“Forget her, Esther, she isn’t going to trouble us any more,” the man said, his voice deep and resonant in the night. The kids screamed and thrashed, but were as weak and unnoticeable as tiny insects to him as he calmly strode around the house towards the van.

The whole thing ignited my soul, and I felt the tell-tale signs of the Change beginning. Tingles of life-force surged up and down my limbs, and combined in my heart, making the very center of me vibrate with savage power. All the little hairs of my body stood up, and I felt the familiar pin-prick tingles up and down around my shoulder blades, reminding me of how sweet it was to leap and to fly. I gritted my teeth and chambered a round. I was ready to wipe these motherfuckers out, whoever they were. But Elleena’s family’s safety was paramount, yes.

Control, Malcolm, always in control, never lose that Iron Will!” The words of my foster father echoed in my head. “The Beast is part of you, but it is only a part, you are more than it! It is a tool! Employ it with focus, focus …”

So then I thought up a genius idea. I figured I had other tricks (and monstrous claws and fangs and horns) up my sleeve, so if this first one shit the bed…well, who wanted to lay in a shitty bed?

I abruptly stood up, and simultaneously raised my gun and flashlight (which I flicked on) at the big guy’s back.

“Freeze! Chepston PD! Drop the kids and put your hands where I can see ’em!”

I sounded close-enough to a movie cop, I thought. And I did have an actual gun. But would these assholes buy it? Would they even need to care? I was one guy, and there were at least three, likely more of them.

Big Guy froze mid-stride, then set his foot down slowly.

Kenton yelled out to me like I was a real cop, failing to recognize my voice in this context. “Please, help us, help my mommy!”

Big Guy ignored them. I took a few steps forward, scanning to either side but keeping my flashlight beam and weapon trained. I was a good shot, I could easily hit him in the legs and make him go down without risking the kids. Give them time to get away.

Just put ’em down!

“Put down the children, sir, now!” I repeated, a growl coming into my voice, “Don’t make us open fire!”

Is “open fire” a thing cops say? Yeah, yeah it is today.

My trigger finger itched. I love the feel of cold, heavy steel in my hands. Guns are beautiful weapons, underrated by nostalgics everywhere. I can appreciate the tradition, romance, and craftsmanship of a knight’s blade as much as the next guy, but the mechanical and chemical precision of a gun, all those centuries of trial-and-error and mechanization to produce a hand-held device that can precisely blow big messy holes in your enemies from hundreds of yards away: there’s a grim predatory beauty in such a weapon. I pity pacifists.

The abominable-coat man slowly lowered his arms and leaned slightly backwards to bring the twins’ feet to the ground. Just as their toes touched the ground, he yelled his comrade’s name again.


The air in a one-foot cone in front of my face opened up as it was momentarily occupied by a burst of hot buckshot which would have blown apart my skull like a ripe pumpkin.

My skin felt the wind before my ears registered the call of .22 gauge boom-stick. I dove diagonally backwards and to the right, hitting the hard-packed ground hard with my shoulder, and rolling inelegantly back into the shrubbery.


Another shotgun blast roared. A sapling behind me splintered, and bits of bark landed on my face. I flicked off my flashlight to hide my position in the dark brush. Then I raised my Glock and fired once, twice, in the general direction of my adversary. Five shots left. Another magazine of six rounds in my pocket if I miraculously got the time to reload. It was hard to aim or see anything from my awkward position.

But I saw her then, the assailant apparently named Esther. She was dressed identically to her comrade, nearly as tall and nearly as broad, with long black hair. She scanned the treeline with her eyes and with the leveled shotgun. Due to the mask it was impossible to tell her expression. I could see now that the symbol on her forehead was a golden cross, with some sort of decorative details.

“Whoever you are,” she yelled, “Don’t interfere with us, don’t follow us. We have sacrifices enough, your own time for martyrdom will come later!”

Who the hell were these guys?!

I thought back to some odd comments Elleena had made here and there over my past six months of knowing her, about “bad people” in her past, bad people that she didn’t know the whereabouts or intentions of anymore. I hadn’t pressed her on it, something about the look of child-like fear and wonder in her eyes always held me back. But I wished I had more information now that religious freaks were running wild and taking people in the forests of New Jersey. I raised my gun-arm and raised myself up on my left elbow, slowly, slowly, wanting a nice clean shot.


The shotgun’s muzzle flashed and sticks a couple feet to the left of me went flying. Esther hissed and methodically marched across the backyard and down the little slope towards my cover, firing again, and again. A couple pieces of buckshot grazed, and one entered, the flesh of my right shoulder.

Red-hot pain and force shot through my body. I felt the Beast inside me clawing to get out. I knew that if I didn’t do something fast, the next shot might open up my chest. The guy carrying Kenton and Katherine must have gotten to the van by now, too; I’d lost sight of him, but at least I could hear the van running still. They must have been waiting for Esther.

Just as I was about to do something bad-ass, I heard the backdoor slam open, and saw the petite, sweet, substitute teacher Elleena run screaming across the yard towards Esther’s back. She wore a baby blue night-gown with nothing on her feet. Her short blonde hair was fluttering behind her, and her face was red with tears and rage. In her hand she held a large kitchen knife.

“Leave him alone!!” she screamed as she lunged towards the taller Esther, leaping with her arm outstretched like the world’s most desperate NBA player going for an impossible dunk.

Esther whirled around as quick as a viper and slammed the stock of the shotgun against Elleena’s hand with a crunch, breaking at least a couple fingers and sending the knife spinning off to stick into the ground. Elleena tried vainly to grab the gun, but Esther was too strong and too fast. With an awful thunk, the butt of the shotgun knocked Elleena squarely in the forehead, sending her to silently stagger backwards and collapse to her knees, and then her side, eyelids fluttering and then closing.

That thunk, and the sight of my lady friend going limp, was enough to bring on the Change.

Enough fucking around!

I stripped off my lucky leather jacket, ignoring the pain in my shoulder. My animalistic and demonic rage boiled up inside me, and life-force surged through my entire body as I rapidly morphed over the course of a couple seconds. I felt the familiar sensation like a fever, and then saw the coarse black hair sprout over my arms and entire body. My face elongated, into a snout, my mouth grew, my canines lengthened, all four of my limbs stretched and writhed and bulked up. My boots were literally forced off of my feet as those feet turned to hard hooves. Long horns sprouted from my skull, and my great, powerful,leathery wings grew and ripped out through my skin and spread behind me. The Autumn air felt wonderful. I was the Devil, I was free.

Esther kicked Elleena’s body, then looked up just in time:

I roared, and the sound resonated with more strength and fury than any shotgun. I hope Esther pissed herself right then, as an eight-foot tall, four hundred and fifty pound piece of American legend flew at her face, claws poised, jaws open. I nearly tore her right arm from its socket, digging my claws deep into the muscle and nerves and pulling.

She gasped but didn’t scream. Her eyes glared beneath the symbol of a golden cross with rays of light, leaves and branches protruding. I saw a flash of movement out the corner of my left eye.

A horrible burning sensation stabbed into my left side. She’d stuck me with some sort of knife from her left hand. I roared again and raked my claws across her chest, sending blood spraying across both our bodies.

She screamed then, but not out of terror or pain. It was too her comrades, perhaps their leader.

“Jared, it’s him, he’s here!!”

In my Devil form, I could still had the clarity to remember Esther’s companions. She was bleeding out, disabled, surely couldn’t live long. But her allies were getting away with Kenton and Katherine! I ignored the searing pain in my side where the knife was stuck up to the hilt, and took to the air again, flying up over the house to dive down on black van before it could pull away.

It’s headlights were on. The engine rumbled, and the van began to move. The back-hatch was open, and another uniformed cultist (smaller than the first two, and with a ridiculous fedora on his head over the mask,) was kneeling in the back with a pistol. The muzzle flashed and shots rang out four times in quick succession, all missing.

Wind blew through my fur. I landed on the back bumper of the van, ready to tear this man apart.

He scrambled backwards between the seats, and grabbed Katherine, whose hands and feet were bound, and pulled her in front of him to use as a human shield. Katherine screamed, I saw Kenton being held by the big guy further inside.

The fedora idiot yelled. “Back with you, devil! We only need one of the children, I’ll kill her right now!!”

He pressed the gun against Katherine’s head.

I hesitated, animal-mind flailing, coursing through all the options a thousand times a second–

The van’s tires squealed as the vehicle took a sharp turn.

I was flung off into the dark and hit the gravel road hard. I smelled dust, pebbles, blood, and diesel as the van roared off out of sight. I noticed for the first time how much that fucking knife was weakening me, gnawing at my flesh. I stood and ripped it out of my body, hoping it hadn’t punctured a vital organ. It was a six-inch blade, steel, white. The hole it had made gaped, with golden-yellow puss mixed with the blood all around it. I felt like the flesh there was dripping and burning as if touched by acid.

Is it magic?

I ignored the pain and increasing dizziness, trying to keep lucid, lucid. I needed to get to the van, save Kenton and Katherine. But where were they going? I was feeling too weak to fly, at least far. And I couldn’t risk Elleena’s kids.


I galloped back to the house, hoping Elleena was still alive. I would kill Esther either way, make her suffer first. Get information from her first. Avenge Elleena’s family.

My friend still lay motionless, on the grass, in the porch-light, blood trickling from her ear. Esther’s front was all red, but she turned her head to look at me as I approached.

“You’re too late, Devil!” Then she chuckled, gagged, spat up blood.

I pinned down her shoulders and loomed over her. I talked to her directly, mind to mind.

Where are your friends taking the kids?!”

“Ha, and wouldn’t you love to follow them, Dark One, to your doom?!”

I tore off her mask and roared.

Esther’s face was hard but pretty, in a stoic kind of way. Her skin was pale and sweaty, she wouldn’t last much longer.

Who are you?! Give me what I want and your death will be swift!”

Esther grinned maniacally and made an awful sound that was more gagging than laughing. “Too late, Devil, too late for you, for all but the pure …”

My ears pivoted down and noticed something I’d missed before: a harsh beeping, coming from Esther’s chest, growing faster by the second. I looked down and saw a blinking red light, red wires, black bundles of cylinders. It had all been packed under her coat.

“God bless Doctor Benedict Holt! Let his Divine Medicine cleanse this putrid world!!”


I rolled off her, grabbed Elleena, clutched her in front of me, and leaped.

There was a long beep like a heart monitor and then the bomb exploded. Some sort of shrapnel peppered my wings with jabs of hot pain. My ears rang. I landed far enough away to get only a small taste of the blast rather than a full helping, but the concussion still knocked me to my knees, and I narrowly avoided falling on top of Elleena. I got up and turned around.

There was nothing but scorch marks and gory fragments where Esther’s body had been. A couple windows on the house were shattered. Police sirens sounded somewhere in the distance, coming closer.

Of course now they come.

I knew there was nothing more to do here. Kenton and Katherine were gone, Elleena could be dead or permanently comatose. I was shot and stabbed and blasted all to hell. It was time to go. I hobbled over to my lucky leather jacket (not so lucky tonight) and awkwardly stuffed the gun into its pocket one-handed. I carried the boots in one hand, Elleena with my other arm, and the leather jacket in my jaws. Long before the police arrived, I was gone, disappeared into the sweet, cool darkness of the pines, to fight another day.

On that day, I vowed, I would win.

-G.R. Wilson

Weird things are out there.

6 June, L A.S. (2015)

Slenderman? Some sort of shadow monster? Good CGI? 

Probably the latter. Interesting, though. I do often think about if things like ghosts, aliens, psi phenomena and weird monsters are real in our world, but unknown to science. I’m automatically skeptical of videos like these, but some are interesting, nonetheless. Enjoy. And keep an open mind. The universe is a big, big place, and full of surprises.

-G.R. Wilson

This one with the demon hands I know for a fact is fake, but it’s cool:

Remember when the “Jaws” theme was originally completely different?

5 June, L A.S. (2015)

This original Jaws theme is super different from what most of us know.

(Information courtesy of ClickHole!)


Sharks are pretty goddamn scary. They’re also beautiful, cool, and not particularly likely to kill you in most cases…but they are scary! Truly the stuff of many a nightmare, what with the silence, the speed, the size, and the super senses. (And, they’re a great topic for first-person-shooter, team-based video games!)

Sharks, especially Great Whites, gained a great deal of attention with Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic film, JawsI watched it with my dad when I was around twelve, and it very much scared and thrilled me. Who can forget that ba dum, ba-dum… theme music?

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of that movie, composer John Williams revealed that the song we all know and love wasn’t the original theme! The original theme, which you can listen to from the link above, was something completely different. (To put it mildly!) ClickHole has the rest of the information for ya, too.

Listen for yourself. Just listen. And imagine the movie with that song instead.

-G.R. Wilson

P.S. I’ve been hella sick with strep throat lately, so my writing has been slow lately. But, I’m on the upswing at last!!