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Shout-out to Zara Walker!

G.R. Wilson here!

One thing I’ve realized since writing Right Behind You is that I can’t succeed in my writing career alone: there’s much more to the long process of getting a book together for publication than just writing it. For instance, a book needs art, and, so does a website!

So today I’d like to focus on thanking one individual who’s provided me with the snazzy banner for my site.

This snazzy logo!

This snazzy banner!

Her name is ZaraWalker, and you can find her excellent website logo design service (among other helpful services!) here on  Just browse through her gallery and reviews of completed orders for her logo/banner design gig, and you’ll get the idea. She’s provided quality website banners for many dozens of Fiverr buyers. And guess what? You get true professional quality work from her for only $5!

Zara's Fiverr photo.

Zara’s Fiverr photo.

I needed some minor alterations to the original product Zara sent me, and she made my modifications within twenty-four hours. I really can’t recommend her service enough, if you need a logo for your company, product, or website. She’s not paying me anything to say any of this, by the way, and neither is Fiverr.

(I offer my own writing services through Fiverr, by the way!)

In future blog posts I’ll talk more about other people who have helped me in putting together my books and my author platform. But for today: thank you to ZaraWalker, for the awesome logo!

Till next time,

-G.R. Wilson

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Happy Independence Day

Most Americans imagine our nation’s Founding Fathers in 1776 looking middle-aged or elderly, the way artists portrayed those great men in portraits, years later.  But the truth is that many of the heroes of the Revolution, including some of the Founders, were in their twenties and thirties when the Declaration of Independence was ratified!  If those young Americans had just sat back and let older generations make decisions for them, the United States wouldn’t be the independent nation it is today.”