My name is G.R. Wilson. You can call me Geoff. Welcome to my website!


Hello! Bonjour! Saluton! My name is Geoff, and I’m a writer. I love telling stories: stories of monsters, heroes, villains, hopes and fears, fascinating places, and harrowing quests. Horror is my specialty fiction genre, and 99% of the fiction I write branches from it. One of my great joys in life is having people be intrigued and thrilled by what I write. I’ve self-published two anthologies, I’ve had short stories published in magazines and on others’ blogs, and I published my first novel in 2017.

I also love telling the story of brands and companies: why they do what they do, how they do it in a unique way, what makes them different from their competition. I’m a big believer in capitalism and bold innovation, and I know that the next big idea always needs someone to sell it to the people who will benefit from it.

I take it as my personal mission to delight readers through page-turner stories, and to help companies and individuals reach their dream markets through copywriting and ghost writing, including biographies, product reviews, mission statements, ebooks, and blog posts.

I live in the beautiful city of Rochester, NY, and am currently furthering my education in marketing at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I’m also a U.S. Army Soldier in the Army Reserve, and am enrolled in Army ROTC.

Cadet Basic Camp, Fort Knox, KY. Summer 2017. That’s me on the far left. ūüôā

When I’m not writing, you may find me at the gym lifting weights, at the library or a coffee shop reading a military history book or a Stephen King novel, at home playing the harmonica, or at a friend’s house playing a tabletop roleplaying game or strategy board game.

Much of my educational background and academic interest is in politics and history, and I love reading the classics and staying abreast of current events. I also enjoy reading the latest in science news, especially space exploration, zoology, and genetic modification.

Overall, I consider myself an ambitious person, with big goals for the work I can do in helping promote great companies, and in growing the audience for my own Horror and Thriller stories. I’m also constantly developing in my physical fitness, my knowledge as a future Army Officer, and my overall character and habits. I have a strong life philosophy that guides my actions. I love meeting diverse and interesting people, and making new friends.


Freelance Services:

I offer freelance writing and editing services through UpWork. Contact me through the link below if you’re interested in my services in ad copy, ghost writing, or other writing needs.

I also am Google AdWords certified, and perform work for clients on promoting and marketing their products and services through Google.




The Devil and the Doctor: Book One of the Malcolm Leeds Chronicles!

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My latest book, published by¬†Dark Moon Press, has arrived.¬†The Devil and the Doctor is my first novel. It’s a supernatural thriller with strong horror elements, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft,¬†Resident Evil, and¬†Silent Hill. The main character is a modern-day incarnation of the infamous Jersey Devil, who finds himself thrown into a life-and-death quest to save the world from the deranged designs of a doomsday cult. The novel’s packed with gun¬†fights, hand-to-hand combat, blood and guts, monsters, and magic. It’s pulpy, it’s fast-paced, and there will be many sequels. Check it out!¬†

Paranoia is here!


My second Horror anthology, titled Paranoia, is in print and on Kindle! Click here to learn more, and subscribe to my newsletter to read previews of upcoming books!

From Amazon reviews: 

“…One of the things I love about this collection is that it is so eclectic. The stories vary in location, characters, even perspective (some in first person, some in third). The writing is suited for the genre, keeping you at the edge of your seat, waiting for what’s next…” –PL

“Even better than the first!”¬†-Alex Sabo

“A must read!” -Shalimar Ali

What’s that,¬†Right Behind You?!

I published my first book,¬†Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange in Fall 2013. I proudly have an audiobook version available on Amazon’s Audible service. This version is produced by YouTube’s famous Mr. CreepyPasta.


From¬†Amazon reviews: “Like a funhouse carnival ride, Right Behind You is a fun journey into the strange, unsettling, quirky and scary genre of the contemporary ghost story.” ¬†-Alex Prosper

“The short stories were fast-paced and all of them had a different perspective, I thought it was a cool way to write, and that’s why the book kept me beginning to end.”¬†-Chris B.

“Right Behind You has many thrills in all varieties of suspenseful scariness, and the stories are the perfect length to leave you chilled without leaving you cold.”¬†-Chloe Halston




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